Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Salvation of a V.I.P.

This past week I had the most incredible experience in evangelism that I have had in my life thus far. I had the privilege of leading someone very, very, very important to Jesus...a V.I.P. of note. He had done something wrong and felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Of course he didn’t realize that it was the Holy Spirit at first, all he knew is that he felt bad inside. His heart felt dark and he didn’t like it at all. So he told me about it and I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with him. When he heard it, he didn’t hesitate. He told me that he wanted Jesus, he wanted forgiveness and he wanted salvation. We prayed together and with tears in his eyes he gave his heart and life to Jesus. I have prayed with world famous people, I have preached on the streets to burnouts and drug addicts. I have had the opportunity of leading millions of people to Christ in our mass Gospel campaigns and preached in on every inhabited continent of the world and yet, no single salvation experience has impacted me as much as this one. The V.I.P. was my 5-year-old boy who is not only my friend and my son, but now, as of January 7th, 2010, he is also my brother because of the precious blood of Jesus.


Phillip Regalado(Dallas, TX) said...

WOW...This truly brought me to tears. What a wonderful experience to go through. My daughter is 17 months and I long for the day to lead her to our precious Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for this! May your footprints continue to be fireprints from the blaze of the Holy Spirit!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said...

Thanks Phillip. We will be praying that you have the same privilege to lead your daughter to Jesus when the time is right. Many blessings to you and yours. ~ Daniel

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah! Awesome, Daniel. I too was blessed to lead four out of my five children to the Lord a few months back. I'm blessed to see the intensity of your value and love for your children.

Some ministers would be so distracted by the size of the crowds you've seen that their child would seem less significant. That is a true sign of your authenticity in God, and I'm encouraged by it.

Thanks for posting!

April 4Christ said...

How amazing... I can't think of a greater blessing than to know your child is stamped forevermore by the blood of Jesus Christ! How precious the opportunity to experiance the moment with him! Praise the Lord!!!

Jeff said...

How great is that!

Paul Maurer said...

Thats incredible Dan! very well written. I enjoy your blog... I may have to start one myself... hmm

BRM said...

Wow ..

a V I P of note :D !!!

way to go DAN ..very nicely put
:) :) :)


Sharon McLaughlin said...

This moved me to tears! I led my son to the Lord when he was 8. He is now 31 and a pastor. What an amazing privilege when you get to see your own child enter into his/her relationship with Jesus!! Neither of you will every forget that life-changing moment.