Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back in Nigeria

I hate the expression "the middle of nowhere" because everywhere is somewhere in God's eyes. But if there is such a thing as the middle of nowhere, I think we are there. Early this morning we left Lagos (Nigeria) and flew to Benin where we loaded into vehicles and began driving to Agbor where the crusade will be held over the next 5 days. On the way we stopped at 3 palaces and visited 3 different kings who, along with hundreds of their subjects, greeted us warmly to their land. Their is a palpable anticipation in the air and a great sense of expectation for the Gospel meetings that will commence tomorrow night.

I love being back in Africa! There is something so raw and oganic about preaching the Gospel in these untamed regions of the world. A ceremonially decapitated body in the road served as a stark reminder today that "we are not in Kansas anymore". But somehow I sense the favor of the Lord whenever I am in these places. I can hear Jesus saying "Go into all the world..." and I can't help but think that when he said those words, maybe he was thinking about Agbor, Nigeria. Well we have gone and we have come and all the resources of Heaven are here at our disposal. Please pray for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit and a great deluge of salvations this week.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NEW: Gospel Crusade, iisalmi, Finland

I have just arrived home after a nearly 36 hour trip from iisalmi, Finland where we held our latest evangelistic meetings. iisalmi is a very small city. In most crusades I will preach to more people in single service than the total population of iisalmi combined(23,000). Even so, wether the Lord sends us to many or few, there is no greater privilege than that of leading souls to Jesus. I was able to minister in 4 services and the Lord was good. In one morning service I spoke about the Holy Spirit giving us the power to be wittnesses and many people were touched. One lady who was filled with the Holy Spirit in that meeting, went that afternoon to visit a friend in the hospital. She was so full of boldness that she began to wittness at the hospital to perfect strangers and two people, with tears in their eyes, received Christ. That evening she testified to the amazing power and boldness that the Holy Spirit brings. Many people with various sicknesses were instantly healed at the alters...Praise the Lord!

I am now preparing to leave again this weekend for Agbor, Nigeria where I am anticipating that many tens of thousands will be saved. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue in our mandate to "Cover the Earth" with the knowledge of the Glory of God.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the Road Again

It was such a blessing to be home with my family for the last couple of weeks, spending some quality time with them and catching up on many things that tend to get neglected while I travel around the world. I must admit that I have been feeling the "itch" for the last week or so to get back on the field. I do not like to sit around for long. I was happy to get going again this past Monday. This trip is special because my father is with me. He is a pastor in Port Charlotte, Florida (where I am from). We had a day-long layover in Frankfurt, so we were able to go and visit the Bible school that my Great Uncle helped to found many years ago. He was a tremendous influence on the German Pentecostals. The denominational headquarters for the whole of Germany is based out of the same campus, so it is really a hub of activity for the BFP (German Pentecostal Church).

Last night we arrived here in iisalmi (pronounced E-sal-me), Finland. Where we will be holding an evangelistic crusade throughout the week. I was told on the way from the airport to the hotel that the Fins are quiet and introverted people that don't respond outwardly. I said "I have heard that before". The last time was in Japan this past July (you can read the report in the archives of this blog). I have never ministered to Fins before. I really don't know what to expect as far as their personalites or culture is concerned. But there is one thing that I have learned. The power of the Gospel is the same! Yes, the soil varies from one place to another. Sometimes it brings a harvest of 30 fold, sometimes 60 fold and sometimes 100 fold, but it always produces results! I am so excited to see what God is going to do here in this tiny nation (of just over 5 million) in this tiny city (of 20 something thousand). I know that I know that God is going to move powerfully and change many lives for His glory.

Please keep me in your prayers this week that the Lord would break through any obstacles and preconceptions and religious mentalities with the power of the Gospel.