Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rio De Janeiro Campaign - Conclusion

(Written by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke)

Dear Mission-Partners,

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Fire Conference ignited thousands of mainly young people: “sons and daughters shall prophesy young men shall see visions.” It was glorious!

The Gospel Crusade at the beach was rather short. Only two days. When I made the altar-call many people responded. When Daniel Kolenda prayed for the sick, we saw outstanding divine healings. A lady jumped out of the wheelchair to which she had been confined for years, after 12 major surgeries. We were reminded of the miracle of Jean Neil.

Many other wonders happened, like that little boy, whose eyes were healed. The authorities however did not grant permission to use the beach until two days before the event; which was a big handicap. We actually had expected a much better attendance – but God knows. Almost immediately after this event, we will return to Africa for a bumper-crop of souls. Please pray for us.

Yours in God’s harvest-fields,
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda,
Together with the whole CfaN-Team.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rio De Janeiro Campaign Begins Tomorrow!

Rio De Janeiro is really such an amazing city. Beautiful white-sand beaches are backdropped by rugged mountains, covered in dense, palm tree peppered forests. It is the preferred residence for many of Brazil's most rich and famous and a favorite travel destination for tourists from around the world.

In stark contrast, crime filled, poverty ridden "favelas" (shanty towns) lie along the hillsides juxtaposed to the otherwise serene beauty. The largest favela in South America is here with more than 300,000 inhabitants. Drug and gang wars are commonplace and the police are afraid to enter these ghettos controlled by ruthless crime lords. (CLICK HERE to see a short documentary on the favelas)

Rio's only hope is the transformational power of the Gospel and beginning tomorrow that message will ring out across the city through our Gospel campaign. The huge open-air meetings will be held on Botafogo beach - a famous, public site, adjacent to Copacabana. We are praying that multitudes will receive the message of the Gospel and that a spiritual revolution will be sparked this week. May God's glory burn from the beaches to the favelas sweeping the rich and poor, young and old into the Kingdom of God!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wholly Thine Alone

“Bring me a sword,” commanded the wise King, “Divide the living child in two and give half to one and half to the other.” This was Solomon’s solution to the contentious debate that two mothers brought before him. Each claimed that this living child was her own. The true mother was easily identified when she said, “O my lord, give [the other woman] the living baby, and by no means slay him.” The one who loved the child was not willing to see it divided. She would rather that it be given wholly to the other woman than to see it cut in half.

So it is with our God and His children. He is not willing to settle for half…or even two-thirds. He would rather that we be given wholly to the world then to be divided in heart and mind. He would have all of us or none at all. He would rather that we be either hot or cold, choose God or mammon and serve one master or the other. Half-hearted, lukewarm compromise will never suffice…He loves us too much for that.

Those who put their hands to the plow and look back are not fit. Those who love father or mother, sister or brother, son or daughter more, are not worthy. He who loves his life, will not take up his cross, and will not forsake all that he has, cannot be a disciple.

“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on the earth? I tell you, no; but rather division…” This sword has not come to divide us WITH the world, but FROM the world that we might be wholly His and His alone.

Unite my thankful heart to Thee

And reign without a rival there.

Thine wholly, Thine alone, I am;

Be Thou alone my constant Flame.

~ John Wesley

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back from China

I've literally just walked in the door of my house (ahh...home sweet home) returning from a blessed week of ministry in Asia where we were preparing for our Fire Conference that will be held in Hong Kong this November. After ministering in Shenzhen (mainland China) on Friday night, we got up early on Saturday morning and traveled on the crowded subway to downtown Hong Kong where I had the privilege of ministering to a group of leaders from the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship. Then Saturday night we hosted an open meeting where the churches could come together. I knew that I was ministering to a meeting of believers, but I felt prompted to give a call for salvation. I was amazed when I saw so many people coming forward.

On Sunday morning, I preached in two churches and then Sunday night we traveled by boat across the Pearl River Delta to Macau where I ministered to a group of extraordinarily hungry believers that had come together from churches all over the province.

When we were in Hong Kong for the Fire Conference last year, within 2 weeks of announcing the meetings, the venue was sold out. So many people who wanted to attend were unable to, and we sensed that the Holy Spirit would have us to go back again this year. This is why we are going to Hong Kong again. We believe something special and strategic is happening. Please keep these meetings in your prayers as thousands of pastors from all over mainland China and Hong Kong come together to receive an impartation of the Fire of God.

View of Hong Kong from my hotel window

Friday, September 4, 2009

Look What God is Doing!

God is doing incredible things! Tonight was my first time preaching in MAINLAND CHINA! Though it was a relatively small gathering, it was a strategic group of pastors and leaders. There was a day when this would have been absolutely unthinkable, but the winds of change are blowing.

Crossing the China Border

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Interview with Evangelist Dan Kolenda (From Voice of Revolution)

What does an African CFAN crusade look like? The following video shows the crowd at a meeting in Nsukka, Nigera during a message from Dan on who Jesus is (an estimated 300,000 people were in attendance)...CLICK HERE to read the full article.