Friday, November 30, 2007

A Powerful Testimony

This is a powerful testimony by Brian Welch of Korn (aka: Head)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

J. John Video

This is a clip from a British Evangelist named J. John. I had breakfast with him on my last trip to London at Earl's Court and he told this story. I thought it was quite funny. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

FIRE FALL in Lithia, Florida

Last night the Holy Ghost showed up in the tiny town of Lithia, Florida. Several churches came together at United Family Fellowship to worship and to seek the Face of God. I was invited to preach...and preach I did. I ministered on the Fire of God and then laid hands on everyone who was hungry for the Fire. After the service I heard that one lady had experienced an open vision of the Fire of God...before I preached. Her description struck me because it was almost identical to what one lady in Finland had seen prior to one service there.

It was also special to me because a dear friend, Austin Biel, led the worship along with a team from Covenant Community Fellowship. The worship was SO anointed and made it so easy to step into the presence of the Lord. Before the service I was just praying for them that the Lord would anoint them to usher in His presence and then I felt like the Holy Spirit corrected me, that they needed to lead US into His presence. It is not a matter of us waiting on God to show up...He has already come and has been waiting on us! They did indeed lead us into HIS presence and it was powerful. (to check out Austin's website CLICK HERE or better yet, come worship with him and the CCF worship team live in Tampa CLICK HERE for directions)

Ministry in Pennsylvania & West Virginia

This past weekend I had a wonderful time ministering in the Northeast U.S. at two churches that have become dear friends to me and to this ministry. Pastor Bob Mazeroski became the senior pastor of New Life Worship Centera few short years ago with a small handful of people. Today the church in Wierton, West Virginia has moved to a bigger building that is busting at the seams and has planted a sister church in the Pittsburgh area (Robinson), pastored by Nathan Miller, that is also growing very quickly. You can read an article about the church in the Fall issue of REACH magazine (to get your free subscription...CLICK HERE).

I ministered at the Robinson location early Sunday morning and then drove to the Wierton campus arriving just in time to preach. At the Wierton service, before I ministered, I presented a beautiful autographed poster of our India crusade (which they helped to fund) to pastor Bob on behalf of the church. In the evening I headed back to Pittsburgh to preach in the Sunday night service at the Robinson location. In each service the presence of the Lord was tangible and many people were touched by the Holy Spirit in a special way.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last night I ministered in the heartland of America at a new church plant called Covenant Community Fellowship - Indiana. It is a sister church of the one we planted in Tampa a couple years ago. There was a electric excitement in the air and I am anticipating great things to come from this fellowship. This morning I flew to Pittsburgh where I will minister in an early service tomorrow morning. I will drive to West Virginia for a second AM service and then back to Pittsburgh for an evening meeting. Thanks for your prayers. More to come...

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Monday, November 5, 2007

NEW: Agbor Crusade (Final)

(More Pictures to Come)Final Crusade Night - 400,000 in Attendance

I am now on an airplane flying from Benin back to Lagos and then home. Another wonderful CfaN Crusade has come to an end and the Lamb's Book of Life is bursting with new names.

Each night I preached before Evangelist Bonnke and the response of the people was amazing. On Friday the crowd grew to 185,000. On Saturday it grew again to 325,000 and on Sunday the attendance topped out at 400,000! The swampy field was absolutely packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder. In some places the density was up to 7 people per square meter! One day, after the sun dried up one of the puddles on the field, one of our team members counted over 100 single sandals that had been lost in the mud. The people were not deterred by the uncomfortable conditions. They were content to stand in the mud for hours, shoulder to shoulder with strangers, without food, water or restroom facilities, under the open African sky...for what? To hear a man speak to them from an ancient book about the condition of their souls. This is a phenomenon unique to the Gospel. No other subject on earth has such traction or power. It is truly supernatural.
Next month we will be back in Nigeria in the city of Abakaliki. I am already looking forward to the next harvest. Once again, thank you for your prayers and support.

Agbor, Nigeria Day 1 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 2 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 3 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 4 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 5 (By Reinhard Bonnke)

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Friday, November 2, 2007

NEW: Agbor Crusade Is Underway

The past two days have been a glorious downpour of salvation. The first night of the Crusade (Wednesday) over 120,000 people were in attendance. I spoke briefly before Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke preached a powerful evangelistic message. During the prayer for the sick, the power of God began to move through the crowd. Everywhere you looked something was happening. A woman testified that her baby who had died in her womb began moving again after the prayer. Bonnke exclaimed, "Jesus raises from the tomb and from the womb!"

Yesterday (Thursday) it began to rain at about 3:00 am and continued to rain thoughout the night. By the morning many parts of the city were under water. The crusade field had been reduced to a muddy swamp. Muddy Crusade Field (photo by Austin Tyson)

CfaN Fire Conference

That morning I preached about the
Fire of God at the fire conference. It was heartily received by the people...they are so hungry for God!

That evening I preached the Gospel message and Evangelist Bonnke prayed for the sick. Preaching in Agbor Nigeria

Our 4X4 trucks struggled through the mud to reach the platform at the crusade field. But the rain and the mud did not stop the people. They swarmed onto the field and the crowd grew to 165,000! Small lakes on the field totally disappeared as many stood in shin deep water to hear the Gospel. Peter Vandenburg (Vice President of CfaN) walked the whole muddy field to get the crowd count. He told me that the people even in the back were intently listening to the message. When I gave the invitation, the response was almost unanimous. The crowd thundered the prayer of salvation with a tangible intensity. I am sure that all of heaven was rejoicing...Hallelujah!

The healings were dramatic and moving. Two totally blind people (one for 18 years) received perfect sight. A lady crippled for 20 years jumped on the platform like a jackrabbit. A man with a broken leg was totally healed! There are too many wonderful things to mention.

Continue to pray that the Lord holds back the rain for the remaining 3 days of meetings and instead sends a deluge of salvation and healing power.

Agbor, Nigeria Day 1 (By Reinhard Bonnke)
Agbor, Nigeria Day 2 (By Reinhard Bonnke)

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