Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 New Year Video Blog


JIL said...

Praise God i blessed with the report in sapele the boy come back to life!Hallelujah all glory to Jesus Christ im really excited of what God doing in this generatons.Indeed the latter glory will be greater than the former!God bless all Cfan team and Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda!My prayer is to see more souls to the Kingdom of God!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda said...

Amen. Thank you Jil. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Bro. Daniel, for starting to post your thoughts again. It is generous and it is important to the Christian body. I was able to "invite" You into my family circle last Saturday with my youngest daughter and all of my sons listening. Then we talked. About living every day with Christ. And for leaving the old things, good and bad, behind. I guess, if I am not mistaken, D.L.Moody himself once said "Your last victory is your greatest enemy!" Please, keep posting! In Christ, Viktor

Anonymous said...

My daughter is ours by adoption. She'd been born drug addicted and her birth mom died when she was 2ish and her birth father incarcerated by the time she was 3.

The attention she recieved was either non-existant or negative but since coming to be with us, she has been the object of consistent love and nurturing and discipline.

In her pre-k class we were beginning to get reports that she wasn't being a good listener or responder to her teachers requests and becoming an 'interuption' to the class, frequently requiring her to be singled out to sit down or stop this or stop that.

I remember asking the Lord for wisdom to father her and He showed me initially that when the teacher said "okay 'CLASS' its time to open our workbooks or have nap time or do our show & tell" that my daughter did'nt realize that the teacher was talking to 'her', that she was part of THE 'class', that the teacher was talking to her even though not mentioning her by name.

In conjunction with a book that she'd gotten as a Christmas present about her being a real child of the King and therefore a princess not of the Barbie/Walt Disney variety, but according to the Word, I began to help her relate to Him in our bedtime story time.

The point of this long story is this. One morning while driving her to school I realized that I was not sure if she was born again and began to respond to the Lord through my simply being a dad to minister the Gospel to her, and she indeed came to that place you described your VIP at arriving at.
What a precious moment and one that needs to be reproduced in every home where the 'head' professes Christ as Lord & Saviour.

I fear it is sorely lacking in the church so it's no wonder our communities are a mess being that Dad & Mom probably are not mutually committed to their covenant In Him to 'pray'..and then 'do' rather than simply 'hear' what the Holy Spirit is saying to them as husbands/wives'/parents.

I'm grateful for your sharing that on your blog. As a dad is there really anything more important to take responsibility for than the salvation of our children? If there is this needs addressing as a church, particularly in America.

Oh that fathers would heed the mandate of the great commission to 'go' and make discipeles in their respective spheres of influence outside the home but not without due consideration to the Father's heart about how our families are ministered to.

Thanks for your 2010 video blog. It was packed with practical advice and I receive what you prayed to the Lord.

Tom in Philadelphia PA