Sunday, January 24, 2010

Occultists are Born Again! - Ugep, Nigeria - Day 5

Another great Gospel campaign has come to an end and, as always, we feel mixed emotions. We will miss Ugep and it’s people very much, but we rejoice with what God has done here. It is a miracle. Ugep is only a small village, but tonight 185,000 people were present and received the Word of God with great joy. Many thousands were born again including a group of young men who came forward to testify tonight that they were part of an occult movement in the local university, but they have now given their lives to Jesus and renounced occultism! (pictured above)

We have often been told that the local churches are filled with miracle testimonies of what God did in the campaign every Sunday even a year after we are gone. Im sure this will be the case in Ugep. There is no doubt in our minds that Jesus has done something extraordinary here:

A well-known local man who has been a lunatic for the past 26 years was instantly healed…the crowd was extatic (pictured left). A man crippled for 24 years walked without aid tonight along with a child who was also crippled. A woman was healed of breast cancer and a man’s paralyzed arm was totally restored. These miracles and others were just a sampling of the thousands of miracles that took place over the past few days.

In three weeks we will be back in Africa for another Gospel campaign in the city of Numan. We are burned with a sense of urgency to reap this mighty harvest while it is ripe. There is no time to waste. In the words of Leonard Ravenhill, “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.” Thank you for continuing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this historic harvest of souls.

(Pictures by O. Volyk)

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Ubtex said...

Man of God, There is something i want to share with you that i dont understand, The dream i saw the last night you were in Ugep. its goes like this;
In the dream, i and you were on something like a hang bridge made with woods and ropes, then you walk down and pass by me and walk up again to me and told me to follow you, i now ask you if you were referring to me, and you said yes, ME.. then i move up with you but as we were going on the rope bridge you were walking so freely on it, but to me i was shaking due to the way the bridge was, at a point the ropes of the bridge were no longer there, but you still walk over very freely, i saw you walking so boldly and i tried joining you to walk so but it was impossible for me, when i look down it seems to me like i would fall down, then i lied down on the wood floor of the bridge in other not to fall down, i now at this point crowed to meet you, but you stood away fare from me and turn around watching me crow to meet you.....and when i met you, you shaked my hands and told me something which i can't remember. please sir, what does this mean?