Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Great African Outpouring - Ugep, Nigeria - Day 4

What we are experiencing here in Nigeria defies all description. It is nothing less than a sovereign outpouring. This morning the Holy Spirit fell in the Fire Conference before I had a chance to preach. After Rev Peter Vandenburg ministered the people began to cry out to the Lord and the Holy Spirit swept across that field with a tangible presence. I interrupted the normal schedule and began to prophecy over the people and even as I was speaking the Fire fell. All over that field men and woman were laid prostrate and the Holy Spirit filled many thousands in a spontaneous way. I laid hands on a couple hundred pastors and sent them into the crowd to lay hands on all the people. As they moved through the crowd cripples began to walk and the sick were healed. It was glorious!

Tonight after I preached the Gospel and prayed with thousands of people who wanted to receive Jesus, we prayed again over that massive crowd to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit and the Fire fell once again. We heard amazing miracle testimonies:

A woman said that her son had died yesterday and so she brought him to the crusade field. She laid his lifeless body on the ground during the meeting. When I began to pray I said, “If there is anyone dead within the sound of my voice, I command life to return to your body in Jesus name.” Suddenly, she said, he opened his eyes, turned to her and said, “Momma – I’m thirsty”!

One man who’s right arm has been paralyzed for the last 17 years said that during the prayer he felt like there was a wire moving through his arm, into his shoulder, up his neck and into his head. He said when it reached his brain his arm was instantly able to move perfectly.

On Thursday I prayed especially for those with AIDS and told them to go get tested again. One young man who had been diagnosed HIV Positive just 2 weeks ago was retested yesterday and brought his report from the doctor tonight. I saw it with my own eyes…he is now HIV Negative!

The miracle testimonies just kept coming until we had to turn them away; a woman with breast cancer said her lumps instantly vanished. A lady deaf since she the age of three demonstrated perfect hearing and a crippled man walked.

These are not just church meetings. What is happening here in Nigeria is an ongoing outpouring the likes of which I have never seen. More than 55 million have been saved in the last 10 years alone. The sick are healed, the blind see, the lame walk, the dead are raised! I am sure that history will remember this as one of the most remarkable waves of Holy Spirit impact the world has ever seen. This is the Great African Outpouring.


Ubtex said...

Finally the land of Ugep has been set free from all the captivity of the devil, The land is made hold and set fee to go...! praise be to the name of God. Jesus is Lord

Bryan Purtle said...

This is awesome, Daniel. You are a privileged man, indeed!